Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gudauri Radisson's construction contractor changed

13.12.2012. (HTN - Hvino Tour News) Construction of Radisson hotel in Gudauri will be finished by Artes company and not by Georgian Guns. Georgian Guns' representative says that at this stage there is no claims between Gudauri Development Fund and the company and negotiations are underway to determine the costs and unforeseen expenditures .

The company has not divulged why the contract was changed, according to which Gudauri Development Fund ordered the company a 5-star hotel instead of 3-star without increase in budget. Also, it’s unclear why the company which will complete construction of the hotel was changed. As Georgian Guns notes, internal works in the hotel are almost completed and the unit is expected to be finished next summer.

Minority member in Tbilisi City Assembly Zaza Gabunia will hold a meeting with Georgian Guns without participation of Gudauri Development Fund. Gabunia explains that the meeting serves to identify the parties’ responsibility. Along with that, Gabunia is studying the documents and if it is revealed that the contract was changed unlawfully, he will apply to the Prosecutor's Office.

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