Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flow of tourists in Mestia grows after a failed winter season

07.06.2013 (Hvino Tour News) Flow of visitors increased by 50% compared to previous months. After a failed winter season the local hoteliers talk about increased number of visitors.

According to  the administration of Tetnuldi hotel,  compared with the previous months,  the number of tourists has  increased by 50%.  Summer season is already open and 40% of rooms are booked. Japanese, French and German tourists prevail over locals in the resort. The hotel management says that prices are similar to last year: a price of a single rooms is 140GEL, while a double room costs 180 GEL. This price includes two meals a day as well.

Mestia Hotel also talks about increase of visitors. The hotel management notes that compared with
the previous months the flow of visitors increased by 50%. As for the prices, Mestia's management reduced prices to attract clients, and a double room now costs 100 GEL instead of 120 GEL.

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