Monday, March 10, 2014

Georgia features in world leading travel expo

10.03.2014. Georgia’s unique tourism is being showcased alongside 188 other countries at the world’s largest travel and trade fair – the ITB Berlin.

Georgian Tourism industry insiders are eyeing the ITB Berlin 2014 as the opportunity to raise awareness surrounding Georgia’s tourism potential and attracting more international visitors.

The five day high-caliber program featured international tourism industry experts and government representatives, who discussed concepts, best practice examples, and the potential profitability of sustainable tourism.

The Georgian delegation is being led by the head of Georgia’s National Tourism Administration, Giorgi Sigua, who believed this event granted Georgia exclusive rights to present the country through unique guidebooks and brochures.

"Last year more than 30000 German tourists visited Georgia and we believe the figures will increase this year due to additional support of the local embassy and the advertising campaign in Germany,” Sigua said, speaking from Berlin.

At the trade show, the Georgian corner was visited by members of the German Bundestag and the Georgian Ambassador in Germany Lado Chanturia.

The Ambassador said there were plans to host various special events to promote Georgian tourism in Germany.

The annual trade show in Berlin offered a variety of industry-related information, from international destinations, tour operators, booking systems, carriers, hotels and more, who all want to ensure travelers enjoy unique and unforgettable holidays.

The ITB Berlin fair will end on March 9.

For the information about tourism in Georgia for the year 2013 see our infographics here.

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