Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wine mapping project launched on Georgian Wine Day!

04.10.2015. Greetings to all friends of Georgian wine! To mark the Georgian Wine Day, today Hvino is starting our Georgian wine mapping project.

Hvino Map  is an experimental project, where users are mapping the important wine places of Georgia. Hvino Map is already fully usable. It will be updated every week, becoming richer and more comprehensive with time.  It can be used on any desktop or mobile devices, both Apple and Android. Direct link to map is here.

You are welcome to add a new object, such as winery, cellar, wine shop, hotel or other place useful for visitors. Users also may update and correct locations if necessary. If you want to edit the map, see instructions in the bottom. Also please report us about all problems or bugs, so we will fix them.

View current Hvino Map below...
... or click HERE for full size view 
  • To use on any mobile device, go to:
  • To edit the map, see instructions in the bottom.

How to edit Hvino Map:

To simplify editing and avoid errors, we use separate Google map for user's submissions. To add your object, use the map below and follow instructions:

1. In the top grey menu, click on right rectangle "View larger map"
2. In the left red menu click "Edit" button (if you are on a mobile device, pull up the bottom menu). Another menu with white rectangular icons will open.
3. Select the middle icon "Add marker". Your cursor becomes a cross. Point the cross to the needed location and click. Fill in the fields.

After checking, new objects will be added to main Hvino Map.

Permanent page with information on Hvino Map is here.

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