Saturday, May 28, 2016

New website helps tourists book local guides in Georgia

28.05.2016. A new online platform is being created in Georgia allowing tourists to find and book a guide to lead them to the country’s most beautiful destinations.

The Tourism Development Initiative Society started developing a webpage about two months ago that provides a guide booking service to tourists coming to Georgia.

The organisation’s director Giorgi Kvezereli told the webpage was still being developed but the guide booking service was already available in Russian and English, and it was proving very popular.

More than 50 local guides were registered on the webpage and "dozens of guides” have already been booked said Kvezereli.

The cost to book a guide per day started at 120 GEL (about $56/€50*).

Our goal is to create an informative online catalogue for foreigners which will give them all the information they need about Georgia’s touristic opportunities. From Georgia’s iconic touristic destinations to the hospitality sector – all information will be available on the webpage,” Kvezereli said.

The online guide booking service was part of this big project.

This is a very useful tool to book guides in Georgia. Currently it is difficult to find a proper guide in Georgia but our website gives tourists the opportunity to find a guide they want to use,” Kvezereli said.

People in Georgia who want to register as a guide can do so free of charge. Kvezereli said the organisation did not charge a commission fee and the purpose of this was to support and encourage local guides in their activities.

Guides must provide detailed information about themselves and their professional skills before their information is loaded on the website.


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