To place banner ads, please refer to the Rates Table and Rate Card below, and email us at  advert [at] for details.

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Hvino Privilege Club membership - up to 65% discounts!

At we do our best to make our service useful and cost-efficient for our partners.  Our latest and revolutionary improvement is the Hvino Privilege Club membership!
  • Why we call this a revolutionary progress? We had a complicated system of advertising rates and % discounts with various banner sizes and campaign duration. This is over now. The Club Member can freely place as many banners as he wants.
So, you have complete freedom and flexibility for all your advertising needs. And no need for any contracts and separate payments and calculations.

All that is required is single, one-time, flat membership fee. The fee is currently 1490 US$ (including all taxes) for 6 months membership with unlimited advertising at all Hvino sites.
  • Is this profitable? Let's see. Currently, single banner for 6 months costs 1554 US$. For a club member it's 1490 US$. And club member can place 3 such banners (usual price over 4600 US$), still for 1490 US$! So, you receive huge savings - up to 65%!
Can you receive even more benefit? Yes, you can!
  • You can cut your expense by 50%, simply by bringing a new member to our Club! If another company joins the Club through your reference, your 6-month membership is automatically extended for another 6 months absolutely free! So, you enjoy all privileges during 12 months at no additional pay. 
To activate your Hvino Privilege Club membership, just email us and give us your instructions regarding your banners. We place them immediately as we receive your membership fee. And don't forget to bring in your friends and get 6 months of free membership!!!

Club membership allows free placement of advertisements of the following types: Small Column Banner, Large Column Banner, Post Banner on the main pages as well as on section pages (such as Companies Page, etc). See below for more detail on the banner types.

NEW: Introducing Pop-Up Banner as a premium advertising platform

Since June 2013 all Hvino sites are offering Pop-Up Banners as the new premium-class advertising platform. This is the most visible and effective, yet non-obstructive advertising method. 

One may see how such banners work on all Hvino sites already:

Pop-Up Banners have no limitation of format and size. They can also carry all types of modern animation including video and sound. 

As Pop-Up Banners do not have a fixed size, the placement rates are calculated individually for each client.

Special Introductory Offer:  For all campaigns starting from 2 months we offer
one month of free advertising! 

If interested, simply email us at  advert [at]

Banner Advertising Rates, US$

Taxes are included

Banner Type

                                                         MONTHLY RATE

1 – 5 months

6 – 11 months
(-25% discount)
12 months or more
(-35% discount)


Small Column Banner

Large Column Banner
1/3 Title Banner
(incl. Premium Listing*)
Title Banner full
(-35% discount)
(incl. Premium Listing*)


Small Column Banner  

Skyscraper Banner
(incl. Premium Listing*)


Post Banner

* Premium Listing is detailed contact information in Hvino Database (in the site’s List of Companies, List of Distributors, etc.) including company’s web address, telephones, e-mail.

The table shows final rates with all taxes included.

Rate Card 

Special options

In addition to traditional banner advertising, Hvino News offers more focused special advertising options.

Special options are more specific to advertiser's business activity. For example, if you are a distributing company, you may consider becoming a sponsor of Distributors Section: your company logo or banner would be placed in the headline area of our distributors list. Other options include - but not limited to - an expanded listing with a logo/link and other additional details, or a "Distributor of the Month" feature with full company profile, and more.

Similar advertising options are offered to wineries, retailers, restaurants, internet shops. Just drop us a line at ads[at] and tell about your advertising needs. We would be glad to offer a custom-tailored solution for you. Thank you for keep us going!

Our audience

Below is the diagram showing geographical location of Hvino News readers according to Google Analytics. The data is since opening of our site: May 1, 2012 - January 1, 2014. 34% of visitors come from Georgia, 14% - from USA, 12% - from Russia,  4,3% - from UK. Among "other countries" (grey sector) most visits are from Hong Kong. Total geographical reach of Hvino News was 141 countries!

Our sites' traffic:

Additional details on our audience:
     - 55% are new visitors, 45% are returning visitors
     - Average visit duration: 3 minutes 19 seconds
     - Average pages per visit: 2.25

Email us at advert [at] for additional information.