Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rehabilitation of Dartlo and Omalo to be carried out

17.01.2013 (HTN - Hvino Tour News). Dartlo and  Omalo rehabilitation will continue under  the new government and, according to the schedule, will be completed in due time. The rehabilitation will be resumed in May, 2013, according to Akhmeta's  Deputy Governor Vazha Naskidashvili. He says that the work has stopped at this time because of heavy snow, and the project will  be resumed in  May. In his words, more tourists are expected to visit the region  taking into consideration the fact that Dartlo and Omalo rehabilitation  will be completed in late October and additional several guesthouses will be  opened in  tourist areas.

Omalo and Dartlo are historical villages in mountain region of Tusheti. In total, 6 million GEL  has been allocated for  their rehabilitation. Dartlo and  Omalo rehabilitation includes restoration of historical towers.

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