Saturday, July 20, 2013

A new airport may be constructed near Tbilisi

20.07.2013 (Hvino Tour News) Airzena, thee new Georgian airline, came  up with initiative to build a new airport at the former Vaziani military airbase near Tbilisi.

Airzena's general director Iase Zautashvili stated on Friday, that Tbilisi international airport is small and a new airport is needed to drive economic growth.

А new airport might be constructed on the site of the Vaziani airfield. According to Zautashvili, it is not possible to bring the runway at the current international airport up to an ideal working standard. Twice during the past two months, planes have narrowly escaped accidents, pointing towards low standards in navigation services, Mr. Zautashvili says.

This information has been categorically denied by the Director of the Civil Aviation Agency, Guram Jalaghonia, who states that the runway is being inspected on a constant basis, and that there has never been a danger of a plane collision.

Airzena's general director noted that since a military airbase exists in Vaziani, the private sector considers it is the most cost-effective place to build a new airport.

The possibility of a new airport being constructed has been hinted at by the Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili several weeks ago.

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