Monday, October 7, 2013

"Air Caucasus": "Airzena " is engaged in sabotage

07.10.2012. "Airzena" airline goes to the provocations and sabotages the Civil Aviation Agency, " - "Air Caucasus " Director Jemal Khakhutashvili says.

"Airzena" President Tamaz Gaiashvili required the Agency to temporarily close the airport or restrict flights. According to him, the reason for this is the poor condition of the runway.

"You cannot imagine in what condition is  the runway. The airport’s infrastructure causes danger every day and the state of the runway is out of criticism,"- said Gaiashvili.

According to Khakhutashvili,  "Airzena" leadership aims to catch several hares.

"To scare foreign air carriers, to convince them that the flights in Georgia are dangerous, to  force them to stop flying and thus free up the market. Sabotage against the agency - to drive out the professionals and replace them with their ones. This is all well planned, but is unlikely to succeed", - he says.

According to the expert Irakli Lekvinadze, assessing made by  "Airzena" director pursues only one goal - to get control of the airport and a privileged position in the market.

"This is unacceptable from the point of view of competition, since in such a case, the company will become dominant in the Georgian market and will control the prices. "Airzena" has already been a dominant, the result of this was expensive tickets and control of the aviation market. Now up to 30 companies fly to Georgia, including low-cost that led to a drop in  prices. Statements made by "Airzena"  regarding the protection of local air carriers is a bluff. Today Georgia has no antitrust laws, but the Ministry of Economy is unlikely to allow such a development," - the expert notes.

The Civil Aviation Agency denies reports of inadequate security of the runway in Tbilisi airport.

"The Agency constantly monitors the state of the runway  and if there are any deficiencies  takes adequate measures, as a result,  the airport operator "TAV" conducts an intensive repair work on the runway . Moreover, restrictions are imposed on the damaged areas. The  runway of Tbilisi airport was put into operation in 1995 , - the construction of the new runway is in the agenda. But with all this, the state of the runway does not endanger the safety and meets the international standards  and does not require either the closure of the airport or flights restrictions, " - the Agency’s statement says.

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