Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kempinski's investor denies suspension of hotel construction

19.10.2012. Temur Gamtsemlidze, Director General of GIMG - company which is the investor of  Kempinski hotel -  denies the suspension of hotel construction. He says the information regarding the suspension of the construction does not correspond to reality, the  construction is not only stopped, but works are carried out  in 24 hour mode. Georgian media reported about the suspension of the “Kempinski” construction basing on the  hotel official web - site.

According to Mr. Gamtsemlidze, the information  soon disappeared from the hotel's official website, however, the same fact was also confirmed in Tbilisi City Hall.

David Gamtsemlidze informed he cannot understand from where such information was disseminated. Gamtsemlidze explains that a few days ago "two Regional Directors of  Kempinski visited him and  on 27 October-1 November 28 - member “Kempinski" delegation will arrive in Georgia  with whom they will discuss  the hotel design and management issues.

Note: According to  the authors of the project, “Kempinski Hotel Batumi” will be one of the largest buildings in the Black Sea basin countries. Its area will be 98 thousand square meters and the complex is located in the central part of Batumi Boulevard on the area of 4 hectares. However, the biggest entertainment zone inside the hotel is planned to be created where a sport complex and a swimming pool will be located.

In addition, an open hall of 3 thousand square meters with exotic greenery will be located in the hotel, in total 253 rooms of different categories will work in the hotel while the management will be carried out by a well-known brand – Kempinski Group.


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