Saturday, December 15, 2012

Betania resort meets season with cableway for kids

15.12.2012. (HTN - Hvino Tour News) Betania resort will offer visitors a new cableway. Beka Beradze of "Rendezvous Betania" said cableway will be for kids of 7 - 18 years old, but the children under 6 years will also be able ride - free of charge and with parent's supervision. Apart from a cableway for kids, the visitors will be able to use new food facilities. "Rendezvous Betania" is going to offer a variety entertainments.

Mr. Beradze says the resort is able to host 4 500 people.  Betania is located 18 kilometers from Tbilisi and has a 600 meter mountain, skiing trails, two ropeways, indoor and outdoor cafés, and a hotel. Users visit Betania mostly for weekend for several hours, but some of them stay at the resort.

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